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Last week, my husband and I visited an open-air sculpture museum and a city whose streets and squares serve as exhibition spaces for contemporary sculpture. Both were in the rolling countryside of Emilia-Romagna, near Bologna. Last summer, by chance, we had discovered the marvelous Giardino di Daniel Spoerri in Seggiano, Tuscany and, just recently, I found a new book called Arte Open Air: Guida ai Parchi d’Arte Contemporanea in Italia which speaks (in Italian) of several similar places around Italy. The way these places situate sculpture in nature is truly magical and has a remarkable and profound effect on me. The interrelationship between art and nature causes me to appreciate both in new ways. I’ve never been especially fond of sculpture, but as I related to these objects dynamically, they came to life, changing their appearance and altering their environment as I moved about them, viewing them from different directions, different distances, with different backdrops. They also brought me to life as I became aware of a wonderful awake quality in my looking. Especially in the city of sculpture, Fanano, not knowing where the next piece might appear, I walked watchfully, eager to discover whatever was there.

I’m trying to remember that awake quality and bring it to bear in my daily life. An eagerness to discover whatever is there.

I haven’t been very consistent in taking my “beauty in Milan” photos since the idea occurred to me on that first happy hint-of-spring day, but I did take one the next day and a few today. And the feeling of wakefulness is similar to that in the sculpture parks. It takes some effort to get started, and some very deliberate looking, but the result is very satisfying. Here are a few pics of some beauty I found in my neighborhood:

Milan beauty

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