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The film has been released in Wisconsin!

Creating Buddhas: The Making and Meaning of Fabric Thangkas premiered at the Deer Park Buddhist Center in Oregon, Wisconsin on Saturday, September 27.

Visit www.creatingbuddhas.com for a continually updated calendar of screenings.

The Daily Page wrote:

CREATING BUDDHAS: The Making and Meaning of Fabric Thangkas

a film by Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost

Creating Buddhas is the unique not-for-profit documentary film about Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo, a western woman who painstakingly mastered the craft of fabric thangkas, a silk embroidered and appliquEd art form in Tibetan Buddhism. Leslie’s transformation into a Tibetan fabric thangka master began with a voyage to Dharamsala, where she began learning the ancient tradition from two renowned fabric thangka makers. Through her devotion to the culture, she became one of the few western women to have ever mastered this revered art form.

Upcoming Wisconsin Screenings:

Creating Buddhas Premiere Deer Park Buddhist Center, 4548 Schneider Dr. Oregon, WI Sat. Sept. 27th, 8pm

Shambhala Center of Madison, 408 S Baldwin St Madison, WI
Thursday Oct. 2nd, 7:30pm

Mimosa, 260 W Gilman St, Madison, WI Friday Oct 10th, 8pm

Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection, UW-Madison, location TBA, Sun. Oct 19th, 4pm

Proceeds from the sale of Creating Buddhas will be donated to the Deer Park Buddhist Center’s temple fund in Oregon, WI. Deer Park’s new temple was blessed on July 19th, 2008 by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

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A trailer of the documentary film, Creating Buddhas, has been posted on the Soulful Media website. Isadora filmed my final stitches to the Green Tara thangka a couple of weeks ago and will complete editing in the coming months. She’s done some beautiful film work and conducted some insightful interviews with renowned scholars of Tibetan art, such as Robert Thurman, Glenn Mullin and Jonathan Landaw and with China Galland, noted writer on Tara and feminine spirituality. I love watching the thangkas from a third-person perspective and hearing other people talk about the preciousness of this tradition. It’s somewhat less comfortable hearing the narrator speak of me in grand terms. I’m not used to being in the public eye, and I usually feel that what I’m doing is nothing special… except in its special economic impracticality and extreme time consumption! It’s nice to be reminded of a different, more appreciative perspective.

Tara Trailer Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo hands drawing flower pieces stitching Tara Robert Thurman China Galland Glenn Mullin

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Green TaraWe finished Green Tara today!

Isadora Leidenfrost is here shooting the last footage for the documentary film “Creating Buddhas”. Tomorrow we’ll visit Drupon Samten at Drikung Kyobpa Choling for consecration.

Lunar Eclipse

There was a lunar eclipse this evening, and we’ve decided to take that as an auspicious sign.

How wonderful it is to be able to see and to create beauty!

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